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THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE WRESTLING PODCAST!! This is NOT an overproduced, stale, starchy, gimmick-ridden discussion, where they have clearly scripted the episode down to the “candid moments” and punchline setups. This is reminiscent of how some of the greats of wrestling would have performed back in the day: they would have called it in the ring! It’s all over the place but entertaining none-the-less. Mikey does spot-on impressions and while Jerry plays it cool, the host Mike Freland knows how to provoke these two to point where they’re all in tears… Another wrestling podcast, in an already over-saturated market…? This one is refreshingly hilarious. They’re clearly having fun! Thanks guys!!

J. Wrath
Review from iTunes

This podcast has it all. Two articulate pioneers of the industry sharing incredible experiences backed by a strong, passionate host (Mike Freland) with incredible charisma

Trademark MMA
Review from iTunes
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